Comparison between VPS & Shared hosting

VPS hosting and Shared hosting are two hosting solutions that you can choose for your site. But is it worth it to pay extra for VPS hosting, and is it really better? You will find out in this comparison between VPS & Shared hosting.

Price. Winner – Shared hosting

The Shared hosting clearly wins this round. There are plans starting from as little as $5 and an average starter price of around $10 per month. While the VPS hosting usually starts at about $20-$30 a month. The Shared hosting targets new site owners, while the VPS is for people who want to upgrade their plan. Those that have reached the limit of the Shared hosting.

Power. Winner – VPS

While both VPS and Shared hosting exist as virtual machines (VMs), in the case of VPS, the resources are dedicated. Each virtual machine that offers VPS guarantees the resources – processing power, RAM, storage, etc. So no matter what is happening with the rest of the VMs, your performance won’t suffer.

While in the case of Shared hosting, the resources of a server are shared between all of the users, and this can affect the performance.

Scalability. Winner – VPS

While we compare the VPS and the Shared hosting, it is clear that the VPS is superior. A VPS starts with higher performance, and its limits for upgrades are higher. In some cases, the price-to-performance ratio and the options to upgrade are so good that many users prefer it over a dedicated server.

Ease of use. Winner – Shared hosting

In this comparison between VPS & Shared hosting, we can’t miss the ease of use. Shared hosting usually comes with cPanel or Plex. Both are very user-friendly interfaces that will guide you and help you manage your hosting.

On the other hand, the VPS might come with only OS installed. So you need to install additional software and take care of updates in the future.

If you are not very tech-savvy, you might need to hire an IT employee who will manage the VPS.

Security. Winner – VPS*

The “*” symbol is there because the VPS could be better, but it depends on who manages it. When you get a VPS, you will get a lot of control. You can install what you want – firewalls, antivirus, etc. But it all depends on you. You can also not install a thing and have worse protection than Shared hosting.

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The VPS is superior service at a higher price. If we solely focus on performance, it is the clear winner over Shared hosting. The growing business, medium and large companies should consider using it.

That doesn’t mean that Shared hosting is terrible. It is just for a different type of client. It is for those who are just starting and don’t expect massive traffic at the begging. Later, they can move to a better hosting when the time is right.

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